Home hacks and pest control vendors in Singapore

Singapore, in general, is quite a clean and nice city. But the pests can attack us anywhere! We should always keep an eye out for them. Most of the time, with a little care from our side, we can block their entry into our homes. It is very rare that the damage is so bad that we would need professional pest control. Singapore has good pest control companies that you can call up, in case you need a professional opinion.

For pest control services, you should consider Pestbusters Singapore. They are one of the most established pest control companies in the region and have many years of experience. They deal with a large variety of pests as well. If you have a pest problem, visit their site now.

You can use some home remedies to get rid of the pests, one way or the other. Sprinkling borax powder on the affected area can keep the cockroaches away. It is advised not to let the pets or children near the area. If you see bees, wasps, or a hornet in your house, you can use a hairspray to kill it. It is quite a good substitute for an insecticide. In the case of fleas, vacuum the entire house and use the insect spray. Throw away the garbage immediately.

If you see any standing water, try to remove it. Change your pet’s water and the birdbath every other day so as not to attract the mosquitoes and flies. Termites can be dangerous as they can thoroughly damage your furniture and house. If you identify any, take immediate action. If you happen to see centipedes, you can accurately guess that there are other insects in the area because centipedes eat insects. If you see a rat or a mouse, use a mousetrap to catch it. Take a look at this article by EDITORS OF CONSUMER GUIDE.


Pest-Control Tips

Keep ants away from your home with a concoction of borax and sugar. Mix 1 cup sugar and 1 cup borax in a quart jar. Punch holes in the jar’s lid, and sprinkle the mixture outdoors around the foundation of your home and around the baseboards inside your house. The ants are attracted by the sugar and poisoned by the borax.

If you live in a multiunit building, any pest control measures you take individually will be ineffective in the long run simply because insects can travel form one apartment to another. To eliminate bugs completely, the entire building should be treated at one time.

If a raccoon sets up housekeeping in your attic or chimney, chemical repellants — such as oil of mustard — are temporarily effective. (The smell may bother you as much as it does the raccoon.) Your best bet is to let the animal leave, and then cover its entrance hole with wire mesh so that it cannot return.

To keep rodents out of your house, seal every opening they could squeeze through. Some need less than 1/4 inch of space. Put poison in deep cracks or holes, and stuff them with steel wool or scouring pads pushed in with a screwdriver. Close the spaces with spackling compound mixed with steel wool fragments. Read more here.

The first step to eradicating your pest is to learn about them. A pet could get fleas, a crack or a gap could invite rats, spiders, or ants while other pests could find their way in via the drains and pipes. If you are planning to buy a pesticide or an insecticide, read the label on the product. Do not try to mix and match, if you do not have the necessary knowledge.

Keep the bottle away from where children can access them. Also, keep it away from pets where they can accidentally brush against them. Use the products only as mentioned in the instruction manual. After using them, store them in a safe place. Use all hacks available to block the entry or breeding of the pests. If you need more, you can always get in touch with a pest control company in Singapore. Check out this article by NPIC.


Pest Control Tips

Identify the Pest

 This is the first step of pest control. Proper identification will help you develop appropriate control measures.

Consider an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Approach

 Many pest problems can be controlled without pesticides. IPM emphasizes non-chemical and low-toxicity pest controls whenever possible.

If Using a Pesticide, Select the Right One

 Pesticide labels describe the locations where a product can be used. When selecting a pesticide for a specific pest, look for that pest on the product label.

Protect People, Pets and the Environment

 Ensure the application site is free of people, pets, toys, and food dishes. Be careful when using pesticides around streams, wells, schools or edible garden plants. Read more here.

If the above home hacks did not work out, it is time to call in the professionals. As far as vector control technicians in Singapore are concerned, they must be licensed from NEA. There are two types of licenses, namely, Full vector control technician license and Provisional license. Make sure the company you are selecting has a good quality rating. For more information, check out this article on choosing a pest control vendor in Singapore by Origin Exterminators.

Tips on choosing a pest control vendor in Singapore

Most of the “established” or “well known” methods being asked for in most tenders are actually technologies that are decades old. This includes larviciding for mosquito larvae using AM oil, and fogging for adult mosquitoes, to a simple residual spray for cockroaches and ants. In fact, most of the residual sprays being colourless and odorless, how do you even know your service provider isn’t spraying plain old H2O for you, or at a chemical dilution rate so high that there is barely any active chemical being laid down onsite!

If it is cheap and fast, it certainly will not be any good, if it is good and fast, then likely it won’t come cheap. And if you’d like a service that’s cheap and good, well, then usually you would expect to be waiting a long time for the delivery, along with other penny pinching customers.

Add in the above factors of professionalism, brand reputation and methodology to see if the price quoted is reflective of high scores in the other categories. If this is the case, then paying a little more might take you a long way in terms of value, rather than engaging the cheapest and then dealing with problems and recovery measures down the road. Do remember, that most service providers would charge far more for a corrective job than a maintenance one. Read more here.


Most people in Singapore have to deal with pests at least once in their lifetime. Note the above tips and hacks. Try them out. If they do not work out, you can always call a professional pest control company and ask them to help you out. While choosing a pest control vendor, make sure you pay attention to all the factors, such as their quality, rating, methods, and price.