The evolution of Nerf guns

The evolution of Nerf guns

You definitely will agree that many of the Nerf guns that were made in the past are unimpressive especially when compared to some the new state of the art Nerf guns that are on the market right now. The designs and the firing of older Nerf gun models are laughable. But the same cannot be said right now.

The gradual development of science and technology has given birth to some amazing Nerf guns with mind-blowing features and designs.

There are now Nerf guns that can fire more than fifteen rounds per minutes and can hold up to two thousand rounds. The good thing about the newer version of Nerf guns is that they are modifiable. That is, you can upgrade them and make them better.

The following article by Jason Fagone shed light on the history of Nerf guns.

How Nerf became the world’s best purveyor of big guns for kids

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You likely now know how Nerf mod guns became one of the most popular toy guns for kids and adults today. Nerf guns have thrived over the years because they have been able to keep up with the trends and new technologies. Taking a close look at how Nerf guns have evolved will give you insight into how it may be upgraded in the future.

The following article by Sean Hollister shed light on the evolution of the Nerf Rival.

Nerf River Review: The evolution of foam warfare

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You likely now know the evolution of the Nerf River. What it was before and what it is right now. If you are not into the Nerf River, then you should consider getting some of the best N-Strike mega blasters on the market. Keep in mind that these blasters are not for the faint-hearted because they are very powerful.

The following article by nerfreviews shed light on ten high rated Nerf N-strike mega blasters.

Top 10: Nerf N- Strike Mega blasters

If you like your NERF blaster to have a bit more punch then you have come to the right place. The NERF N-Strike Mega range includes some seriously weighty blasters. These are not for the faint-heartedRead more here

You likely now know some ten Nerf N-Strike mega blasters. These guns are admired by many because of their performance. The only issue with these Nerf guns is that they are expensive. But, if you consider their feature and think about how they can give you an advantage over your friends during a battle, you are likely going to be motivated to buy them.

Final note

Nerf guns have slowly evolved into the best toy guns on the planet. Kids and adults now use it because of its unique features and amazing design.  Nerf was able to thrive when it competitors struggled because it kept on improving it designs, firing rate, and accuracy.

Today, there are a lot of powerful Nerf guns on the market. These guns have superior firing speed and accuracy. Even more, they don’t jam easily.

The only issue with these high quality and powerful Nerf guns is that they are expensive. Giving careful thought to how these powerful Nerf guns are going to give you an edge over your friends is going to motivated you to buy them.