Things you need to know about Microsoft dynamic CRM

Things you need to know about Microsoft dynamic CRM   

The core functionality of Microsoft dynamics is relationship management. It creates a window for it users to capture important information from their clients or customers that will be used for analytical purposes. One key factor that makes it stand out is that it captures very important data relating to a customer like their email, phone interaction, faxes, appointment and so on.

Presently, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has about 3 modules. These modules are in the following areas- marketing, sales and customer care (service) 

One key factor that differentiates this framework is that it creates a window for partners and customers to build an extended CRM application that is known as xRM application

The extended CRM application (Xrm application) can be used in different industries. Like a student or citizen management service or any relationship based application like- asset management, patient management, employee or staff service and so on.

The extended CRM takes advantage of a declarative application framework that provides underlying, insights, interactions, relationships and processes.

The basic functions of the modules of Microsoft CRM


Using the Microsoft dynamic CRM is definitely an excellent way to boost sales quickly and effectively. In order for businesses to survive, make more sales and grow to new heights, it has to adapt very quickly.

Using Microsoft dynamic CRM is going to make your sales team more effective in their offices. This is obviously because it is familiar, easy to adopt and it is intuitive.

Even more, using the Microsoft CRM is going to create a window for your team to have access to delicate social data that is critical for relationship management and lead generation. In the end, it is going to make a conversation with a customer more productive, relevant and valuable.

You and your team are basically going to be able to collaborate with other teams in a different area. Microsoft Dynamics CRM automation process includes the following- invoice tracking, lead generation and so on.


Marketing is indeed a very integral part of any business. Presently, digital marketing is yielding the most results especially when it comes to increasing conversion. In order for a marketing campaign to be effective, it needs to be properly planned and perfectly executed from start to finish. It is also important for the analytics of a campaign to be taken in other to determine what is working and what is not.

Marketers are going to need all the help they can get in order for them to succeed. Microsoft Dynamics gives marketers an edge over their competitors. This is going to help engage customers and to bring the vision of marketers to life, improve the consistency of a brand and reduce marketing time. Even more, it creates an opportunity for various enterprises to collaborate together

Customer service

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is excellent for customer support and service in order to reduce the response time, resolve more issues that may arise and improve customer service experience.

It also creates a medium for business owners to connect with their customers on any channel and to strengthen their teams so that they will be better able to meet the expectation of their customers.


You and your team can turn sentiments into opportunity using Microsoft social listening. What this means is that you can easily monitor the presence of a brand, track its marketing strategy, customer service and sales.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM also helps to organize, analyze and act on the marketing intelligence. Even more, it creates a window for you to connect with your customer, improve the ability of your business and foster up the loyalty of your customers.