A Definitive Guide to Choosing the Best Paediatric Orthopaedic Hospital in Singapore

Children love to run around, play, and explore. While doing these fun and exciting activities, they may fall or slip and possibly break a bone or two. When this happens, parents are usually devastated, confused, and think endlessly about how to nurse their little bundle of joy back to health. The first thing parents usually do when they get the news that their son or daughter is hurt or has sustained a serious injury is to think about the best hospital that can address their issue and give them the best of care.

Singapore is presently home to a lot of reputable hospitals, each of which has one of two paediatric orthopaedic specialists. In an emergency, parents are usually inclined to pick the closest health care facilities to their kid’s school, home, or office, so that their child injuries can get attended to quicker. Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But what if your child needs a comprehensive evaluation or surgery?

Opting for the closest health care center may not really be a good idea, as their paediatric orthopaedic consult may lack the unique skill and experience to handle your child’s unique case. The best cause of action, therefore, is to do deep and extensive research to narrow down the best orthopedic hospital in your area.

This article is basically a how-to guide that contains some important things you need to know when picking a reputable paediatric orthopaedic hospital in Singapore.

Location isn’t everything

Even the most educated parents are overwhelmed when dealing with an injured or sick child. Anxiety and emotion often push them to opt for the closest health care center, and this may be the best cause of action, especially if the injury is severe. But after your child is stable, parents need to sit down and think carefully about the performance of the hospital their child is in. If the hospital in question doesn’t have a dedicated paediatric centre, then you should take your child to a hospital that has one, even if it is far from your home or office. There, your child will be examined by expert paediatric orthopaedics who have years of experience under their belt.

Low infection rate

The second thing you should do before picking a hospital in Singapore to tend to your kid’s injury is to do some research to find out the hospital paediatric infection rate, as well as the measures they take to prevent infection in paediatric patients.

Finding the infection rate of a hospital isn’t as difficult as you are probably thinking. You may not even have to visit the hospital in person to find it. Most hospitals make this publicly available for people to see. However, if you cannot find out the infection rate of the health care center that is going to handle your child’s care online, then you should ask a doctor or nurse. They will be more than happy to tell you or direct you to someone who can.

Final note

To ensure that your child gets the best care and attention, it is wise that you don’t obsess solely about picking the right hospital. It is also good you think about choosing a reputable surgeon that has specialized training and can effectively address the unique condition of your child.