How Calecim Heals Skin Affected by Singapore’s Weather

Singapore experiences high levels of heat and humidity all year long. Without the right therapy, the impact of this level of heat can be devastating on the skin. Singaporeans have to take care of their skin all year to ensure they do not suffer from the harm caused by the sun.

Some of the Common Skin Conditions in Singapore


Since Singapore experiences more than 300 days of sunshine, with temperatures as high as 32 degrees, the chances of getting sunburns are high. When you don’t keep your skin safe from UV rays, you are likely to develop red rashes and patches. Your skin will dry out, and there is the possibility of you developing wrinkles.

The Calecim Multi-Action Cream and the restorative hydration cream has age-defying properties that will help heal and protect your skin from damage from UV rays.

Dry Skin

Given how hot Singapore, it is not surprising that many people have dry skin. It is crucial to note that some people have naturally dry skin. This is due to the skin’s inability to produce enough sebum. However, some Singaporeans have dry skin due to dehydration.

Drinking plenty of water is important. However, if you keep losing water through the pores, primarily if you work outdoors, you’ll notice a change in your skin’s texture. If you see dry patches on your skin, your skin is not as moisturized as it should be.

The range of skincare products and Calecim aesthetic treatments will help moisturize your skin and keep it healthy throughout the year, despite the harsh weather.

The Calecim Recovery Night Complex is a gel application rich in therapeutic stem cells proteins. This product has a cooling, soothing, and calming effect, especially if your skin was exposed to harsh conditions during the day. It has also has hydration properties to keep your skin moist and protected. The Restorative Hydration Cream boosts your skin’s production of moisture.

Heat Rash

Sweating is normal, given the temperatures in Singapore. Sweating is indeed good for the skin. However, it is also possible for your pores to block due to accumulated dirt, dead cells, and bacteria. If the skin has no way of releasing the sweat, it will become inflamed, and red itchy bumps will develop.

Developing a healthy skincare regimen will help ensure your pores remain open. Any of the Calecim products can be used to restore your skin’s health and free you from the damage caused by the heat rash.

Skin Infections

The possibility of developing skin infections is high in Singapore due to the high temperatures and humidity levels. Singapore’s weather conditions are ideal for the growth and multiplication of bacteria. Using Calecim Multi-Action Cream in the morning and the Restorative Hydration Cream at night will help cleanse your skin and keep it free of bacteria.

Uneven Skin Tone and Acne

It is expected that your skin will act out after exposure to sun rays for a long time. One of the effects is uneven skin tone. Your skin produces more melanin when it is exposed to sunlight for long periods. You will discover some sections of your skin with dark patches.

When you sweat, your skin is likely to attract dust and bacteria. These clog the hair follicles and sweat glands leading to the accumulation of sebum in the pores. Singapore’s heat, on the other hand, is responsible for the growth of bacteria on the skin. These cause the formation of pimples and acne. 

Calecim skincare helps to protect and heal your skin from the side effects of Singapore’s heat and humidity levels. It is best to get a product that is ideal for your skin’s condition.